QuadTech announced that it will bolster its Service Advantage technical support agreement programs by offering enhanced features to all levels, as well as adding a new, fully comprehensive “Titanium” level.
Service Advantage is the company’s tiered structure that allows printers to choose the most cost-effective levels of service and support agreements to match budgets and business needs. The program also includes substantial discounts for software upgrades, spare parts, field service labor rates, training, 24/7/365 technical phone support, and system-specific preventive maintenance.
The new Titanium level caps your annual system service budget, and provides top priority remote and on-site service, including technician travel costs. The comprehensive plan was created to provide printers with total peace of mind that their service needs are covered – with no budget surprises – and their overall plan contract spend is much more cost-effective than purchasing service, support, spare parts and maintenance off-contract on an as-needed basis.
Previously offered silver, gold and platinum levels have been enhanced with additional discounts, 24/7/365 technical phone support, remote services for systems on QuadTech’s Icon platform, and other added features. New “Add-on Plus+ Optional Services” are also available, designed to optimize and extend the useful life of your system and provide for a quick ROI for your limited service budget.
“QuadTech’s technology is robust and well-engineered for longevity in the harsh pressroom environment,” says Glynis Grochowski, service business manager for QuadTech. “When you invest in advanced automation tools, having that technology perform at its absolute peak for as long as you own it will have a huge impact on your waste savings, quality performance, and ongoing bottom line.”
“Any printer can tell you about the high cost of down time,” Grochowski adds. “We’re taking our Service Advantage program to yet another level to provide fast access to technical support by phone, online, and on-site in-person, along with enhanced remote capabilities that are unique in our industry.”
Because the Service Advantage plans are highly customizable, a service contract administrator will assist printers in choosing the most appropriate plan for their needs. 
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