Royal DSM, a global life sciences and material sciences company, will be presenting a material solution for flexible food packaging at Multilayer Packaging Films and TAPPI Flexible Packaging Symposium.

As a leader in material sciences, DSM has developed a portfolio of proven, high-performance, sustainable plastics for the film industry. These materials are highly suited for the production of packaging film for foods where they deliver benefits like reducing food waste. To solve the problem of excessive crystallization of traditional PA6 in multilayer barrier films, DSM developed Akulon XS.
At both of these upcoming events Harrold Goertz, global technical product manager for DSM Engineering Plastics, will outline how Akulon XS  is making it easier and more cost effective for processors to make polyamide 6 blown films for flexible food packaging, leveraging the unique barrier and mechanical properties of polyamide 6.
Multilayer Packaging Films conference will be held June 2-3 in Chicago. This specialized flexible packaging event brings together top flexible packaging experts to discuss innovations in the films and materials, additives, barrier properties, production technologies and applications that are setting the new standards for packaging excellence. 
The TAPPI Flexible Packaging Symposium takes place on June 10 in Miami.  This event, co-located with the Global Pouch Forum, is the gathering place for top packaging professionals involved in flexible packaging/pouch production and the corresponding film, closures, materials, equipment and services need for packaging.
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