A new highly-stable, reclosable bag called the “Flat Bottom Bag” is now available from Mondi North America, Consumer Goods Packaging. The bag offers easy-filling advantages for packagers of pet food, food, garden items, cleaning products, and other goods.     

“Mondi’s Flat Bottom Bag supports greater efficiency on filling lines,” says Markus Hoedebeck, vice president of product development, Mondi Jackson. “The bag opens with ease, allows fast and highly efficient filling and is compatible with all conventional filling machines.”

The Flat Bottom Bag features a specially designed flat base with rounded edges for enhanced stability. It maintains its shape during transportation and storage and has an attractive appearance on store shelves.It can be fitted with a variety of different closures to suit the application, including a top zipper, top slider or hook-and-loop closure. The closures allow consumers to seal the bag after use, protecting its contents and preserving freshness.   

The Flat Bottom Bag is manufactured at Mondi North America’s Jackson, Mo., facility. The bag can be attractively printed in up to 10 colors using rotogravure or new high-definition flexographic processes. Matte finishes can be applied to the bag’s printed areas, adding visual depth and producing an appealing contrast with the packaging’s glossier images. The bag’s sides can be made of transparent materials, making its contents visible to consumers. 


Mondi North America