Mactac logoMactac® has officially unveiled a new logo to better align its branding with its company values as it continues to grow and evolve as a standalone entity. For more than 50 years, Mactac has built its reputation on developing innovative products for a wide range of applications, as well as on providing high-grade customer service. The new logo is intended to give a nod to this history, showcasing that these traits are still inherent to today's stronger Mactac.

"Our new logo is more modern, yet still staying true to our past," says Ed LaForge, Mactac Americas president. "Our customers have come to know us as an industry leader in each of our markets, and we will continue to provide them with innovative products well into the future." 

The new logo features a very intentional design, including: 

  • A circular icon that symbolizes a ribbon of pressure-sensitive adhesive embracing a world in constant motion.
  • A partially transparent sphere design, which alludes to Mactac's preferred way of doing business, through transparent, open communication with customers.
  • Colors adjusted from the original logo to be lighter, creating a warmer, friendlier feel – a sensation which customers have come to expect when working with Mactac representatives.
  • Font that is unique, bold and strong, yet with smooth, round letter edges suggesting a caring company image.
  • An opening on the letter “C” that has been turned up, indicative of Mactac's focus toward the future, and symbolizing the coaters on Mactac's production lines that produce the company's rolls of pressure-sensitive adhesive

The new logo has officially launched, and it will subsequently be integrated across Mactac's business operations.



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