QMI Inc., a leader in moving web-hole punching equipment design and manufacturing, has announced the opening of a fully equipped machine and tool shop at its new Tahlequah, Okla., facility.

QMI, Inc. has made a $750,000 investment, hired five new employees to expand the business into new markets, and offer upgrades to their current customers.

Brad Gottlob, president and owner of QMI, Inc. says, “The expansion creates an opportunity to add new parts and services that we were not able to provide before. It will also allow us to expand into new markets and increase efficiency in our existing facility.”

With this expansion, QMI, Inc is expecting a 20-25 percent increase in sales this year, and the possibility of hiring additional employees.

“Another exciting project at the top of our agenda is to become ISO certified," Gottlob says. "With a constant concern for quality, this certification will assist our employees in their pursuit of producing the highest quality products, as well as assure our customers that quality is truly one of QMI’s main goals. The requirements to acquire this certification should be completed by July of 2015."


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