The Epson C7500 printer includes PrecisionCore printing technology that precisely drops ink on labels without ever touching them, the company says. It self-monitors and notifies operators about issues with bar codes, text and color, minimizing printer error. With the Epson C7500, businesses will no longer need a pre-printed inventory of labels, which officials say sets this printing technology apart from other printers in its overall cost-effectiveness. This printer is high-speed, high-volume and high-quality. It can produce 20 million inches of printing before requiring a service, compared to 500,000 inches with traditional color inkjet printheads. The Epson C7500 is capable of printing full-color labels at 11 inches per second. The Epson C7500 is ideal for private label branding and the regulatory compliance and supply chain optimization sectors, where product pictures, logos, color warnings, and variable data elements are now required.


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