Building on its reputation as leader in sustainable, green printing, Label Impressions, a green label and flexible packaging printer in California, has installed an on-site advanced energy storage system which will decrease costs by optimizing energy use.

The new energy system pulls energy from the grid, storing it in off-peak times and redistributing it during times when utility costs are high. This optimization saves the company utility fees, allowing it to maintain competitive printing prices. Label Impressions worked with JLM Energy on the system.

”JLM Energy has worked closely with us to analyze our energy needs and design a system that optimizes our energy distribution,”  states Jeff Salisbury, Label Impressions president and CEO. “We look forward to building on this with renewable energy options.”

Label Impressions has the distinction of being the first label and packaging printer in the U.S. to become both carbon neutral and FSC certified. It continues to expand its green commitment with the addition of an energy consultant, who is assisting the company with ongoing evaluation and innovation.


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