Glenro Inc. of Paterson, N.J., has introduced a new festoon-style vertical accumulator for continuous process lines. Designated the Glenro SplicePerfect GACC vertical accumulator, the new Glenro accumulator model allows for core changes and product splicing while enabling the process line to continue at a constant velocity.

The SplicePerfect can accumulate material at high speeds even when the down-line process has been stopped – enabling the upstream process to continue uninterrupted. Once the down line process resumes, the SplicePerfect system will feed out at speeds in excess of the process line speed allowing for continuous operation with no pause during core changes and splicing operations. 
By permitting continuous process flow and by eliminating the loss of product due to line stops, the Glenro SplicePerfect accumulator can lower production costs while significantly improving productivity.
The Glenro Model SplicePerfect GACC vertical accumulator is custom designed to precisely meet the application requirements of a wide variety of continuous web processes and can be integrated into existing process lines. Both Glenro Center unwind and rewind systems as well as the Glenro cantilevered systems are compatible.
SplicePerfect customizable features include:
  • Machine width
  • Accumulation time
  • Roll diameter
  • Material tension
  • Line speed
  • Control options
  • Lift options
  • Footprint


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