As the grocery retail channel becomes more specialized, food processors increasingly are responding to consumer demand for more fresh and convenient fare, a trend impacting the deli segment and spurring dramatic growth in prepared foods and snacks.

In keeping with these developments, Clear Lam Packaging, Inc., introduces distinctive new packaging solutions for manufacturers who want to differentiate their products at this year’s IDDBA Dairy-Deli-Bake. 
  • Metalized (PET) Recyclable Rollstock – Premium PET film materials for Form-Fill-Seal equipment or industrial thermoformers are available in silver or can be custom made in gold, ruby or green; each material provides a metalized appearance. The new Metalized PET Rollstock offers improved temperature resistance for hot fill applications, and it has a 30 percent longer thermoforming window so it works well with machines using either contact heaters or radiant heaters. In addition, the material can be easily sealed with lidding films to extend product shelf life. This PET plastic is recyclable with other colored or pigmented polyester bottles or trays. Applications for the Metalized PET Rollstock include condiments, dips, sauces, meats, cheeses, deli and produce platters, and premium bakery containers.
  • PET Lidding Films: SP707 Product Family – With the growth of a wide range of ready-to-eat foods, the demand for better performing and lower cost films that seal to PET containers has never been greater. Sales of fresh prepared foods are expected to outpace other segments of the industry with an annual growth rate of about 7 percent through 2017, so says research firm Technomic. To meet this need, Clear Lam introduces the new SP707 family of films designed for superior wet and contamination sealing to PET trays, cups or platters. When compared to similar laminates made from flexible materials, this film provides a 28 to 42 percent improvement in bond strength. Made in the U.S., the SP707 films are also priced 20 percent lower than competing films imported from the Far East. Printable with anti-fog properties, the material can be run on tray sealing or FFS equipment. Applications include deli dips, prepared meal and snack kits, and fresh produce items.
  • PrimaPak Package Designs Expand For Fresh and Frozen Foods – The proprietary PrimaPak packaging line is expanding into new applications including frozen processed foods, fresh refrigerated salads, and shelf stable cereals and granolas. PrimaPak is the first of its kind, flexible, stackable, reclosable package produced from a single roll of film on a Vertical FFS machine. Designed as a replacement for preformed trays, platters, jars or stand-up pouches, the PrimaPaktechnology can help processors and retailers achieve measurable cost savings and sustainability improvements throughout the supply chain.

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