DG press has launched a marketing campaign to explain the web offset printing process. It is specifically targeted to flexographic print companies and others who aren’t familiar with the offset printing process as a means of showcasing how web offset is a viable alternative for printing on flexible materials.

"Printers have to undertake a learning curve for their transition to other printing techniques,” says Peter Kloppers, DG press fellow-director. “We want to help these printers by explaining the offset technique, which could also be seen as the first step in introducing the recently launched Thallo web offset printing press to the flexible packaging market. The idea behind this campaign is to introduce the technique at first, followed by promoting the new printing press.”

In a series of three episodes, DG press' service engineer Rudy Hoogkamp will talk about all important aspects of the offset printing technique. The first video, which has already been released and available to be seen here, is highlighting the principles of offset printing, such as the ink and water balance, the ink knives to determine the correct ink volume and the way offset plates create the printed image. More videos are scheduled to be released and promoted in the upcoming months.


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