Year-to-year net sales and volume continue to rise for flexible packaging companies. Yet, more business also brings with it lower profits for many of the same companies. That snapshot comes from the Flexible Packaging Association’s Pulse of the Industry Report. The most recent report delivers data based on fourth quarter 2014 performance.

Compiled and released by FPA on a quarterly basis, the report offers a year-to-year analysis on several benchmarks. The report also provides current-to-prior quarter comparisons for more timely analysis. The chart to the right shows aggregate data for only one of the data cuts—net sales. It shows the percentage of participants reporting “higher,” “lower,” and “same” sales versus the same quarter a year earlier. The complete report also shows volume and profitability data and other benchmarks including inventory and capacity utilization.

Like many FPA reports, this one is available only to member companies. Currently, input comes from nearly 70% of domestic converters who are members of FPA. For information about participating in and receiving the “Pulse” reports, email