Sun Chemical has improved its recently launched customer-focused global website at by adding Spanish language pages, which now enables the company to better meet the needs of Spanish-speaking customers.

Based on analytics of website visitors with browser settings in Spanish, Sun Chemical translated most viewed pages on the website and tailored the experience for products and services that are most relevant to its Spanish speaking customers.

“We went into this project with customers in mind and we have every intention of ensuring that our customers can take advantage of all of the opportunities our website can offer,” says Felipe Mellado, Sun Chemical chief marketing officer. “By translating pages into Spanish, we’re making it a place where customers can feel more welcome and learn more about the wide variety of solutions that Sun Chemical offers. It needed to be a place where they can find what they are looking for and discover innovations that will help their businesses in the future no matter where in the world they are located.”

The site will continue to evolve to meet the needs of customers by allowing them to stay up to date with the newest Sun Chemical products and services as well as trade shows or speaking engagements.


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