Machinery manufacturer Windmoeller & Hoelscher introduced several new technologies in film extrusion, package printing and converting at its in-house expo at the company’s headquarters in Lengerich, Germany in June. Over 1,000 visitors from 61 countries attended the 2-day event.

Highlighted technologies included the world premiere of its TURBOCLEAN automatic purging system for VAREX II blown film lines, which reduces resin change over times from 30 minutes down to just a few minutes; world premiere of AQUACAGE, the first adjustable water calibrator, designed for the AQUAREX downward water quench blown film line to enable width changes without the need to switch out the calibrator; the FILMEX cast film line producing thin 8-micron stretch film for reliable load securing with extreme holding force and puncture resistance that can be used with even simple stretch wrappers; the compact MIRAFLEX S flexographic press for small repeats; new automation modules for printing including EASY CHECK C (quality control and color measurement), EASY SET E (energy monitoring), EASY CHECK R (repeat monitoring and control during production) and a new version of EASY SET S (static impression setting; and the newly developed AD PLASTIC 2 bottomer for heat sealed plastic valve sacks.

W&H also introduced “PACKAGING 4.0” inspired by Industry 4.0, highlighting the benefits of connecting production lines and data streams in the manufacturing of packaging. An example shown at the expo was the VAREX II blown film line running thin, breathable backsheet diaper film that was then brought over to the VISTAFLEX flexographic press for high speed printing.


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