Pregis has released a new, free white paper titled “Omni-channel: Protective Packaging Consideration,” which offers a basic tutorial on using the right packaging strategies to bridge the gap between consumer buying expectations and fulfillment strategies, regardless of the shipping location.

Brand owners and retailers who utilize omni-channel fulfillment can help improve customer experience, impact quality, speed, shipping costs, and lifetime value by making the right packaging decisions.

Consumers currently engage with retailers via computers, mobile internet devices, catalogs, direct mail, radio/television, as well as traditional brick and mortar stores. In some cases, companies may have their products inventoried in multiple locations including manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, retail stores, fulfillment houses, etc.

The consumer shift in how purchases are being made is pushing retailers and product manufacturers to find solutions that will work in multiple location types. These include retail ship-from-store locations with limited floor space, as well as larger distribution e-fulfillment centers or manufacturing environments. The objective is to provide consumers with a high-quality, consistent packaging experience, regardless of shipping location and employee skill set.

When shipping from a handful of distribution points, standardizing packaging is a fairly simple process. However, when the product is actually located in hundreds of stores and/or distribution centers, shipping can be a much more complex proposition, complicated further by the transition to dimensional weight pricing by the national freight carriers.

The white paper’s objective is to provide a brief overview of inside-the-box packaging for omni-channel applications and a helpful list of data points that should be gathered and considered in making decisions that will yield the desired results.

As a material neutral company, Pregis offers a variety of protective packaging materials and equipment. This includes everything from traditional bubble and air pillows to mailers. The company works directly with the retailer or manufacturer to design or adapt available space to create the best workstation configuration and delivery systems.

The objective is to provide packers with the right material to address product-specific needs. Pregis also applies packaging solutions across all physical location types, including retail locations with limited space. Training employees to properly operate the packaging systems and apply material is another component of Pregis’ go-to-market approach.

“Omni-channel: Protective Packaging Considerations” is available for free download at

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