Dr. Gregory Pace, a manager of global regulatory affairs at Sun Chemical, will discuss the impact of varying approaches to the regulation of packaging inks in North America and Europe, including brand owners and nations within Europe setting their own standards, and the resulting impact within the food packaging industry to ensure that the inks and coatings are compliant in their export markets. His presentation is scheduled September 29 at the Food Contact & Additives Conference at the Washington Marriott in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Pace’s presentation will also cover how to ensure product safety from potential chemical contaminants through low migration design and materials selection which should be applied to the entire raw material supply chain.

Pace, who has worked at Sun Chemical for over 20 years, and has a doctorate in food science with an expertise in food packaging migration testing and evaluation, will also show how business success requires expert regulatory review for compliance with global regulations, food packaging producers and food brand owners specifications to ensure safe use of the food packaging through consumer use.

Designed for sensitive packaging, Sun Chemical’s SunPak family of low migration products helps to address the risk brand owners face in food and pharmaceutical packaging, where chemicals from the materials in the packaging structure have the potential to migrate into the product or its surrounding environment.

SunPak low migration inks and coatings offer a comprehensive solution to brand owners and converters who are required to address chemical migration concerns in food, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic and tobacco applications by exhibiting very low migration of chemicals, which could affect the odor, flavor, taste, irritation and safety of those sensitive consumer products.


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