Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., a provider of DNA-based anti-counterfeiting technology, product genotyping and product authentication solutions, has certified Gilroy, Calif.-based Creative Labels Inc. as a print partner capable of providing customers with unique botanical SigNature DNA-based taggant labeling solutions to help prevent counterfeiting. 

Creative Labels certified a varnish host carrier for the APDN security platform of botanical DNA taggants and optical markers. It has also contracted with APDN to own their own unique botanical SigNature DNA identifier, thereby allowing the company to help customers protect their respective products with anti-counterfeiting technologies. For those not ready to make changes to their main label, Creative Labels will offer a SigNature DNA Seal of Authenticity that cannot be duplicated.

"Creative Labels’ customer driven focus, philosophy and historical success providing many vertical markets labelling solutions makes them an ideal candidate to represent APDN,” says Mike Messemer, account manager for print and packaging at APDN. “Creative Labels is the first participant in the PartnerProtect Certified Partner Program on the West Coast, and we look forward to helping it gain more market share and extend its value propositions to customers.”

Adds Sandy Franzen, president of Creative Labels: “We are very excited about this partnership with Applied DNA Sciences, who have the credibility we were looking for. I was very impressed initially, and the more I learn, the more exciting it is. This will extend our security solutions to include a simple, yet precise forensic solution with the use of botanical DNA. The flexibility of the APDN science makes it possible for our customers to deploy these anti-counterfeiting measures across many different types of label substrates. Plus, the APDN in-field validation is a key component since our customers want to be able to identify products that include a SigNature DNA mark, as it travels down the supply chain.”

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