Here’s a way to answer questions you get about efforts to increase the resource recovery rate of flexible packaging. It is a brochure titled Flexible Packaging Resource Recovery: A Work-in-Progress.

The 12-page document addresses issues such as:

  • Different recovery paths for different types of flexible packaging. The brochure notes how polyethylene and PE-based materials are recovered at greater rates than multi-material laminates and films.
  • End-of-packaging life options. Waste to energy, mechanical recycling, composting and landfill are assessed. The brochure looks at opportunities and challenges of each method.
  • Lists of U.S. pyrolysis technology providers, end-of-life programs and initiatives. It also lists FPA end-of packaging-life research.

The booklet goes on to analyze sortation technologies in place today and new ideas that are in development.

The simplest methods are manual and vacuum-assisted manual approaches. Both are limited in the amount of material they can handle. Other methods include a film grabber, air separator and optical-auto systems. Each of these methods, too, has advantages and limitations. The drawbacks, in particularly, involve sorting paper and different flexible materials. Robotics offer another approach. New set ups increase speed with more robotic arms, yet robotic works best with low to medium throughputs.

Find out about getting copies by contacting FPA; email or phone 410-694-0800.