IMPAK Corporation, a leading provider of advanced flexible packaging, thermoplastic sealers and sorbent systems, has introduced PharmaLoc, its latest pouch version of child-resistant packaging.

“The PharmaLoc is near impossible for children to open, but for adults, the Presto slider makes for easy one-handed pinch-and-slide operation,” says IMPAK production planner Jeff Low. “The use of a Presto zipper makes our PharmaLoc the easiest to open CR packaging available. Most of these child-resistant packages require both hands to navigate, but PharmaLoc bags can be opened even by those with arthritis.”

PharmaLoc pouches utilizing this reusable closure meet or exceed ASTM D3475 standards and are tested to CFR 1700.20 protocols. According to a test conducted by Utah-based Child Related Research, the packages far exceed the safety standards required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970.

Because of the epidemic of childhood poisonings in the U.S., the most needed use of the PharmaLoc is to eliminate accidental ingestion of poisons in the home. However, some uses of PharmaLoc packaging may include:

  • As a portable medicine cabinet to secure travel medications.
  • For use by pharmacies to secure home medical supplies such as pen injectors, needles and diabetic supplies.
  • Compound pharmacies can use them for packaging steroids and other controlled substances.
  • Exit bags by medical dispensaries. 

The clean, white medical grade packaging keeps youngsters away from package contents. The low cost, recloseable and reuseable packaging currently comes in two standard sizes with custom printing options.


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