Sun Chemical has been selected to receive the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame 2015 Corporate Award. Additionally the Hall of Fame will also recognize Ramasamy Krishnan, a chief scientist at Sun Chemical, with the Inventor of the Year Award.

Sun Chemical was selected for its multiple patents in pearlescent and other metal oxide coated pigments that provide more vibrant, lustrous colored shades and optimal control of color and opacity for applications in plastics, automotive and architectural coatings, ink compositions and cosmetics.

Recipients of the Corporate Award are considered based on a corporation’s patent portfolio, its contributions to New Jersey employment and society and its international prestige. Companies that receive the award need to have created and successfully commercialized products of “great significance and enduring impact to human lives worldwide.”

“This recognition from the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame is a tribute to the tremendous work that Sun Chemical’s research and development team puts into developing new products for the market that have a lasting impact on our customers,” says Russell Schwartz, chief technology officer, Sun Chemical. “We’re especially proud of the well-deserved recognition of Dr. Ramasamy Krishnan with the prestigious New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame Inventor of the Year Award.”

Recognized in the industry as a leading source of innovation, Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC, have 17 research and development centers that create solutions designed to improve productivity, create new revenue opportunities for customers and contribute to a more sustainable future.

With an average of two patents per month, Sun Chemical introduces new solutions that enable marketers to better manage brand colors, protect product integrity through improvements in packaging and introduce security features that defend against counterfeiting.

Recipients of the Inventor of the Year Award must have a USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) patent for an invention that has been successfully commercialized and/or licensed. A full copy of the pertinent U.S. patent for which any nominee is considered undergoes intense screening during the award selection process.

Sun Chemical will receive the Corporate Award and Ramasamy Krishnan will receive the Inventor of the Year Award during an award ceremony on October 22, 2015 at the W Hotel in Hoboken, N.J.

Sun Chemical