Cosmo Films Limited, a leading global speciality firm manufacturing bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), has announced plans to install a new 10.4-meter BOPP line by early 2017. The line has already been ordered and will increase the company’s annual BOPP production capacity from 140,000 to 200,000 metric tons, an increase of 42 percent.

The new production line will be installed at the Karjan plant site near Vadodara, an existing facility with the company which already houses BOPP lines, extrusion coating and chemical coating lines and a metallizer. The new line is the most advanced line available in the market today in terms of its width and output. This high-speed line equipped with automated changeovers will lead to an increase in power savings thus maximising overall operational efficiencies.

“We are anticipating a strong demand for BOPP films in the coming years, especially from the FMCG sector which prompts us to expand our BOPP production capacity,” says Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films. “The output for the production unit intends to be used for both domestic and export markets. Our expansion plans are also aligned with government’s Make in India project, which aims at boosting home grown manufacturing companies. Cosmo Films remains committed in its efforts to develop the sector and set new industry benchmarks.”


Cosmo Films