Sun Chemical has released a new video that educates its customers and potential customers on its global reach, broad range of products and services, strong R&D leadership and the impact that color plays in everyday life.

The video shows how the wide range of colorful solutions Sun Chemical manufactures, including inks, pigments, coatings and adhesives, are used on a variety of applications including: food packaging, labels, credit cards, publications, cosmetics, automotive interiors and exteriors, building wraps, plastics and more.

“Color has a profound impact in our lives. Whether it is the cars we drive, the make-up we put on, the clothes we wear, or the unique shades used in company branding, color offers differentiation, style and personality,” says Felipe Mellado, chief marketing officer, Sun Chemical. “Many of the people who walk around each day probably don’t have any idea that virtually everything they touched or looked at could have had Sun Chemical’s mark on it in some way or another. This video shows just a sample of the many ways our inks, pigments, coatings and more impact our everyday life.”

The core message of the video is meant to help customers know that Sun Chemical is a partner they can turn to as they transform their businesses to meet marketplace demands and keep costs down.

“Our customers have to compete in a marketplace that is always evolving,” Mellado continues. “They are facing strict regulations, higher costs than ever to run their business, sustainability requirements, and much more. At Sun Chemical and DIC’s combined 17 R&D locations, we are continuously working for our customers by developing solutions that will help them achieve their goals, cut costs, and meet the standards required of them by regulations.”

Watch the video here.

Sun Chemical