Minneapolis-based Mocon, an international provider of instruments and services for testing, measuring and analyzing invisible gases, has promoted its previous vice president of sales and marketing for the company's packaging testing products and services segment, Karsten Kejlhof, to vice president of sales and marketing for its package testing and permeation businesses.

“Karsten brings a wealth of product and market knowledge to his new role,” says Don DeMorett, chief operating officer. “One of his objectives going forward is to ensure that our permeation and package testing sales teams are committed to a high degree of customer focus under a strong, integrated brand.”

The company says the move is part of its ongoing process improvement initiative designed to provide customers with enhanced products and services and to grow its global brand.

 “We believe this decision to have common leadership over both these businesses will not only strengthen our market presence, but also provide a cost-effective approach to achieving our sales goals,” DeMorett says. “Consistent messaging and a streamlined interface to common customers within these two business segments is an added benefit.”

For the past 13 years, Kejlhof has also represented the Dansensor modified atmosphere packaging product line in various sales and marketing capacities. Mocon acquired Dansensor in 2012.



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