Sun Chemical will host a session for members of the PAC, Packaging Consortium, a nonprofit corporation that is a partner and catalyst for the packaging value chain, on November 10 at its Brampton, Ontario facility.

The session will review current trends shaping consumer buying behavior and highlight how companies can stand out on shelves through product innovation with inks, coatings and HD plates. The session will also show Sun Chemical’s new corporate video and conclude with a tour of the manufacturing facility.

“We’re excited to host members of PAC and discuss how they can create impactful packaging with unique insights and innovation,” says Rod Staveley, president of Sun Chemical Canada. “We will show our guests how we can take them from concept to shelf to meet their individual printing requirements through inks that help packaging pop off the shelf, specialty coatings that engage the senses, and digital plate technology which provides sharper images than standard plates.”

Guests at the facility will also learn about specific Sun Chemical creations, such as SunSpectro Sunsharp HR solvent-based inks, SunInspire sensory coatings line and SunGraphics high definition flexographic plate technology. 


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