Pasaban, a manufacturer of converting machinery, plans to introduce a new Compact sheeter in 2016. Available in two models – C145 and C165 – the machines are designed for medium-sized converters that want to increase their capacity response and internal flexibility. The Compact models are also intended for printers that want to move into sheeting their own sheets.

The C145 and C165 have service widths of 1,450 m and 1,650 mm, respectively, and work at 300 m/min with formats ranging from 500 mm to 1,650 mm in length and processing reels measuring 1,500 mm in diameter. Other options include an automate pallet changeover system, cut-to-register capabilities, a web guiding system, additional unwind stands and tab inserters, among others.

The new Compact models come after successful use of prior versions of the machine in France, Spain, Mexico and Pakistan.

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