The Yamoyo Flexi-Pack, a package containing medicine to fight childhood diarrhoea in developing countries that features Amcor Flexibles' PushPop technology, has been named the Resource Efficient Pack of the Year by the 2015 UK Packaging Awards.

The PushPop technology allows users of the Flexi-Pack, created by nonprofit organization ColaLife, to access the pack's contents of rehydration salts and zinc supplements by pushing in the perforation on the top side of the pack and popping the bag open. 

“The award is some vindication for doing what customers want,” says Simon Berry, co-founder of ColaLife. “Together with Amcor, we have created something people want, not something that we think people need.”

The pack was previously designed with rigid plastic. However, an initial trial period of the pack showed that the feature wasn’t needed for the kits to reach their intended destinations. 

Amcor Flexibles