The U.S.-based operations of Daetwyler, a family-owned manufacturer of precision printing equipment and doctor blades, have just celebrated its 40-year anniversary.  

 “When Rosmarie, (my wife), and I came here in 1975 we rented a desk in an office on Long Island, New York,” says Peter Daetwyler, founder of Daetwyler. “We could hardly speak English, but we had good Swiss products to sell and we were young and full of energy. Over the years, our business expanded and we outgrew several locations. In 1990 we decided to move our operations to North Carolina to be closer to our customers. But no matter the location, as we grew the team we made it a point to maintain a family atmosphere.”

Ralph Daetwyler, one of Peter and Rosmarie’s sons, is now the company president for Daetwyler USA. He is also an active board member of Daetwyler Global Tec Holding AG.

“Having grown up in the family business, it’s hard to imagine life without Max Daetwyler Corporation,” says Ralph Daetwyler. “I am very proud to be at the helm of our U.S. division, which is now in its 40th year, and I am happy to say that we are striving to keep a tight-knit organization with a family culture and almost 100 employees.”

The company held a celebration luncheon on Oct. 1, for its employees and several dignitaries from Europe. Plans regarding updates and remodeling to the company’s Huntersville, North Carolina offices - including installation of adjustable height desks, glass-walled executive offices, and other enhancements designed for a more open workplace - were unveiled at the event.  

“The last 40 years has been an adventure, and we have our employees to thank for our success,” Peter Daetwyler says. “We’re looking forward to the next 40 years!”



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