Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for the web handling industry, has announced a refreshed corporate identity following its latest acquisition of Valley Roller in August.

“With our growth strategy that included two acquisitions last year, it became appropriate to revise the Maxcess logo with a fresh perspective,” says Greg Jehlik, CEO of Maxcess. “While the look of our corporate logo may be changing, the innovative products and services from our legacy brands of Valley Roller, Webex, Fife, Tidland and MAGPOWR remain.”

The brands that stood underneath the Maxcess logo have been removed, leaving “Maxcess” in blue text with a red arch hovering above. The blue represents the company’s commitment to reliable products and innovative solutions that are unrivaled in the industry, with the red acting as an umbrella that ties the storied brands of Valley Roller, Webex, Fife, Tidland and MAGPOWR to Maxcess, further enhancing a one-stop-shop strategy for a wide range of web handling needs across a broad range of industries and applications.


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