Wisconsin-based HFM Packaging, an industry leader in recloseable flexible packaging, will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2016.

Over the years, the HFM Packaging team has worked closely with its customers to help them develop long-term solutions to their unique packaging needs. For example, before the existence of pre-saturated automotive industry cleaning wipes that utilize flexible packaging, rags and buckets were used to apply caustic chemicals to unpainted vehicles, emitting harsh fumes into manufacturing plants and creating dangers to employees and the environment. Before microwavable pre-moistened cleansing cloths were available in flexible packages, sponge baths required the washing, drying, and sanitizing of cloths and towels and posed a higher risk for infection.

Most recently, HFM Packaging introduced a new recloseable solution to the food packaging space. This new application uses a peel-and-reseal label with an easy-open lift tab incorporated onto lidding material that is hermetically sealed to a tray. HFM invested in custom-designed and manufactured high-speed equipment to produce pre-converted rolls with up to four lanes across in order to match the requirements of the filling equipment where these products (such as deli meats) are packaged. The resulting packages can be opened and resealed, again and again, delivering reliable closure for freshness and convenience.

Harvey Martinez brought HFM into the flexible packaging industry on the ground floor. He had built a reputation for himself as being reliable, collaborative, and dedicated — so much so that when he passed away, his son Paul retained all of HFM’s customers and most are still with HFM Packaging today.

“We have an advantage because we have worked with all types of companies and know how to line up the right suppliers to meet the requirements of an application,” says Paul Martinez, HFM Packaging president, as well as Harvey’s son. “We have the capabilities to provide pouches of every type, size and volume for every industry.”

HFM’s 35,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and 20-person staff have developed packaging for healthcare beauty, and personal-care markets as well as for industrial markets. Now its engineering expertise and solid infrastructure offer them a strong competitive advantage as they expand market share in the food industry.

“Packaging is the first line of defense to ensure product quality,” Martinez says. “We are serious about our promise to be on spec, on time, every time. Our customers know they can trust us to be the packaging materials experts so they can focus their expertise on the finished product.”


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