In cooperation with Mobil Den Hartog, authorized dealer in the Netherlands of Mobil lubricants, Solidus Solutions, producer of solid board and solid board packaging, has developed a 20 liter Bag-in-Box-solution, which recently passed UN-tests and can now be used to contain UN-II (medium danger) and UN-III (low danger) class liquids.

The Bag-in-Box system was developed for the storage and use of motor oil in car service stations. Garage managers may use the system for a more efficient stock management of their oil products and improve their environmental performance, company officials say.

The system consists of a plastic bag (20 liters) with faucet that is protected by a recyclable FSC solid board container. After the oil has been used, the solid board and the plastic bag can be handed in for separate collection of waste. 

The tests show that the Bag-in-Box containing motor oil can be used at temperatures of 131°F. It is also safe to create piles with the container that are 9 feet high. 

Nearly 300 car service stations use the Bag-in-Box system in the Netherlands. 


Solidus Solutions