Berry Plastics recently received a Flexible Packaging Achievement Silver Award in the “sustainability achievement” category for its Cowboy Bath Brand flow-wrap pouch package. To see all the winners and entries for the Flexible Packaging Association’s 60th-annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards, click here.

“The Cowboy Bath-In-A-Bag package is a great example of Berry Plastics’ superior printing technologies being utilized to achieve high-quality, differentiating graphics in a single layer of metalized PET, resulting in several environmental and sustainability benefits,” says Michelle Wilson, Berry Plastics’ VP of application development and support. “We are honored to accept this award as this further underscores our emphasis on delivering innovative and responsible packaging solutions to our customers to enhance the lives of end consumers.”

The large, flow-wrap package incorporates several environmental benefits leading to this sustainability award. The printing was converted to high-definition (HD) flexographic surface printing, which is widely known to have significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to rotogravure print due to the process, reduction of ovens/heat and ink consumption. The HD surface printing led to a reduction in the overall gauge of the film by eliminating a PET layer.

Additionally, a substantial reduction in high-value, work-in-process waste was achieved by decreasing the number of production passes required to produce the finished product. This production process also granted a deduction in audible noises created when handling the package.

“This award exhibits our belief in pursuing new methods to offer a more sustainable product for our customers through implementing efficient manufacturing processes,” says Robert Flores, Berry Plastics’ director of sustainability.


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