Uflex earned a pair of awards from AIMCAL for its VIMAL pouch laminate with registered hologram and its Kochinoor Anti-Slip Bag for rice packaging. The former was honored in a non-food technical category, while the latter earned the honor in the technical excellence category.

“In today’s competitive slugfest, only those who can deliver innovation at every stroke will be able to survive,” says Ashok Chaturvedi, Uflex chairman and managing director. “Not only is it imperative to innovate but also to create progressively incremental, tangible and quantifiable value to the business of clients is what takes a brand to the next level. With the best-in-class technology at our disposal and some of the sharpest brains that understand packaging inside-out Uflex will continue to delight its clientele globally.”

The VIMAL pouch laminate is a multi-ply structure of reverse printed BOPET coating used for packaging a saffron-blended mouth-freshener. The special feature of this laminate is the incorporation of a commemorative hologram with the print design that celebrates 25 years of the product and provides an overt authentication and anti-counterfeiting device in a business where duplication and counterfeiting are rampant. The hologram is created separately and transferred to the surface of the printed laminate in register with the print design using a special proprietary process. This incorporation process of the hologram into the printed laminate perfect register is first of its kind in the global packaging industry.

The anti-counterfeiting feature can be recognized by even an untrained consumer at the point of purchase without the use of any specialized equipment, scanning devices or having to communicate with the product manufacturer or distributor. The hologram automatically reinforces the image of the brand or manufacturer and can use proprietary graphics like designs, logos or messages. It can also be used to authenticate promotional packages that distinguish them from regular or standard packages simultaneously delivering a unique form of differentiation and shelf-impact.

The Kohinoor Anti-Slip Bag is used for bulk retail packaging of premium rice (5 kilogram and more). The special feature of this bag is an anti-slip device that prevents the bags from slipping over each other and off the stack when piled one over the other for unitizing (stacking, palletizing, stretch/shrink wrapping and secondary packaging), during transportation and during display on the shelf. The anti-slip property is achieved by using a special micro-embossing process on the finished laminate prior to bag-making.