On March 20, Roll-2 -Roll Technologies was awarded the 2016 AIMCAL Technical Excellence Award at the 2016 Management Meeting held in Carlsbad, California for its ARIS product line.

The technology represented in its product line ARIS features innovations in web guiding and sensor technology that provide solutions to many of the industry’s guiding difficulties, such as running multiple materials, changes in speed, tension and time wasted because of setups and sensor calibrations.

ARIS features two innovative developments in lateral guide technology to better sense and control material to help with these issues. The first feature is the patented material agnostic sensor technology, which is unaffected by environmental conditions and automatically adapts to any changes in materials from non-woven to film or from non-porous materials to open weave materials. The second feature is a patented adaptive control algorithm, which immediately corrects after disturbances, splices or changes in material.

The real plug-and-play system automatically adjust to individual customer conditions, eliminating time consuming initial setups, sensor and controller calibrations, and other manual adjustments necessary with the technology that has been available to date.


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