Franklin Adhesives and Polymers has expanded its Covinax line of pressure sensitive adhesives to include one specifically designed for labels on freezer shelf edges at grocery and other retail stores. Covinax SMA-03 FZR DEV is a surfactant-stabilized acrylic copolymer emulsion that adheres well to PET face stocks and will bond to a variety of store shelf edges. This adhesive sticks securely to shelf edges even when exposed to a thin layer of frost and condensation in freezers. The newest Covinax adhesive joins a full range of high-performance removable, permanent, repositionable and specialty PSAs, manufactured under the Covinax, Micronax and Acrynax names, to meet specific label requirements for many different surfaces. The adhesives offer various combinations of peel, tack and shear strength for specific applications, from packaging frozen foods to labels that can withstand the heat under the car hood.


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