Wikoff has introduced HydroSperse, a highly adaptable dispenser base mixing series for the water-based flexo market. HydroSperse is well suited for a variety of substrates including labels, non-absorbent films and matte stocks, making it a great fit for a broad array of end-use applications.

Designed with versatility in mind, HydroSperse is compatible with a wide range of dispenser sizes and pump systems. A low viscosity range and excellent pH stability help HydroSperse to be a top performer on press.

Exceptional color reproducibility can be achieved with the high strength properties of the 17 available pre-letdown dispenser bases. The HydroSperse mixing series offers three levels of lightfast performance – lightfast (LF, 48-150 hours), very lightfast (VLF, 150-300 hours), and extreme lightfast (XLF, 300+ hours) – depending on color.

HydroSperse can be paired with multiple Wikoff extenders to impart the desired end-use properties of each customer.

Wikoff Color Corp.