Maxcess has released its new Wi-Fife interface for its FIFE-500 web guides, which allows wireless monitoring and control of the FIFE-500 from any tablet or smartphone, enabling a new era of wireless web control.

“The Wi-Fife interface for our FIFE-500 allows operators remote access of their FIFE-500 operator interface through a wired Ethernet or wireless connection,” says Shomari Head, global product manger of Fife. “Featuring embedded web pages that can be accessed through the web browser of any Wi-Fi-enabled device, the Wi-Fife allows the operator freedom to monitor and control their guides from anywhere on the factory floor, without requiring a physical operator interface.”

By connecting to a network of motor control units and operator interfaces, the Wi-Fife can connect up to 30 devices on a single network, with the ability to monitor and control any unit. This allows for a seamless connection, flexibility and accessibility of all networked guides wirelessly from anywhere on the factory floor.

“Maxcess has a storied history of introducing groundbreaking technology to the converting industry,” says Greg Jehlik, CEO of Maxcess. “Just as the FIFE-500 introduced color touch screens to web guiding, we believe the Wi-Fife interface will become an industry standard, one where operators are no longer tied to a fixed station to monitor or control their operation. Moving forward, customers can expect to see this exciting technology applied throughout our other brands under the Maxcess umbrella.”