ProAmpac’s Prolamina division has released an innovative breathable nonwoven as part of its PRO-BARRIER line of nonwoven products.

A leading source for extrusion coated and laminated nonwovens, Prolamina’s PRO-BARRIER products serve multiple areas in the medical packaging industry. This breakthrough breathable nonwoven material offers exceptional comfort, due to a moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) that is 25 times higher than current surgical drape and gown material on the market. In addition, this new nonwoven recently passed an independent laboratory 10 sample lot study for both the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Level 4 for Surgical Drapes laboratory test ASTM F1670 for synthetic blood penetration and the AAMI level 4 for Surgical Gowns laboratory test ASTM F1671 for liquid and viral penetration. 

“Prolamina has been working on exciting innovations with our PRO-BARRIER line of nonwovens,” says Dave Hopkins, president of Prolamina’s U.S. commercial operations. “As the healthcare and medical industries continue to grow at a fast pace, so does the need for safe and secure working conditions. Prolamina’s multi-coextrusion lines produce coated nonwovens that are soft and drapable, yet have the ability to pass stringent barrier requirements against blood and blood-borne pathogens.”


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