A powerful tool to educate both brand owners and converters’ sales and marketing staffs is now available in e-book and hard-copy versions. The 24-page booklet is titled Fresh. Functional. Flexible. Driving Business Growth with Flexible Packaging. FPA Brand Value Study.

It details the value that consumers and brand marketers see in flexible packaging. It is designed to support member marketing communication and educational programs.

Data that supports the booklet’s ideas comes from FPA’s 2015 Brand Value Study. It leverages research from multiple sources. It demonstrates how flexible packaging enhances brand value. It also shows how flexible packaging can command a premium price from consumers and how it satisfies demanding consumers of the future.

The booklet—in both the e-book and hard copy version—has three major sections. The first, Enhancing Brand Value, details a survey commissioned by FPA and done by Packaging World magazine. It surveyed brand owners, and 80% agreed that packaging influences brand value.

Price Differential

The second section deals with Commanding a Premium Price. A Harris Poll commissioned by FPA shows that packages that are easy to store, resealable, and easy to open could command premium prices from consumers. They said they could pay from 12% to 14% more than they would pay for packages without those features.

In looking at future consumer demands, the booklet’s third section reports that snacks were cited by 41% of brand owners as being the largest growth area for flexible packaging. Fresh fruits/vegetables were cited by 34% of respondents, and beverages by 27% of respondents as growth areas.


For More Info

At www.flexpack.org, the booklet appears on the home page scrolling window with the title “Brand Value.” To get a printed copy, members can contact FPA by email at fpa@flexpack.org.