Students from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and students from California Polytechnic State University are winners in the 2016 Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge. The competition is part of the 60th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards. The top student packages emphasize consumer convenience.

First place went to the “Easy Snack—Celery and Peanut Butter on the Go.” Mallory Geigle, Tabitha Harnack and Hannah Newman are the student team from Stout that developed the concept. The flexible package combines two compartments: One holds peanut butter, and the other holds celery sticks. No need for utensils for a snack.

Two packages tied for second place.

  • The “Chicken Breast Strainer” is an idea from the team of Chris Childers, Ben Harris, Samantha Kin, Kellie Meyer and Huyen Nguyen. The Cal Poly students foresee a vacuum package for chicken parts with a straining element to capture juices and reduce the spread of bacteria.
  • Another second-place winner is a package for “Precise Rice.” The stand-up pouch holds a single serving of dried rice and seasonings. Consumers add water and cook in the package. A resealable feature allows easy storage of prepared product. Cole Cressman, Victoria Hanna, Tyler Harwood and Carrie Sauer are members of the Cal Poly team that created the package.