The flexible packaging industry isn’t alone in facing challenges in finding the right talent. In 2016, U.S. industry leads the world in unfilled jobs. That’s according to Indeed Hiring Lab; the group says that nearly 29% of posted jobs in the U.S. remain unfilled after 60 days.

FPA has created several workforce development tools to address the challenge. These industry-specific programs are available to members. Among them is a micro-website,, which can connect prospective employees to specific FPA member companies’ career pages. It also has an interactive map so job seekers can pinpoint the location of FPA member facilities.

The website complements a brochure titled Shaping a Career in Flexible Packaging. It is available to FPA members. The six-page document describes the industry and focuses on ways employees can thrive by being part of an innovative industry. It “talks” to potential employees in terms of job satisfaction and rewards. 

Another tool for FPA members is a management report titled Flexible Packaging Industry: Addressing Workforce Issues. The 95-page report examines the issues from an industry-specific perspective. It suggests three directions that could contribute to workforce development.

One is by instituting apprenticeship programs. Another direction is hiring from abroad; the report suggests it is a time-consuming, expensive practice that works best for high-level staffers with technical skills. Finally, the report suggests looking at veterans as a work pool.


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