Harper Corp. will showcase and deliver briefings on how Harper programs, services, surface technology and engravings can enhance efficient print repeatability and improve profitability, May 31 - June 10, at Drupa in Düsseldorf, Germany ( Hall 13, booth D68-1). 

One of the products Harper will highlight is its HIVE (High Imaging Volume Engraving) line of engravings series, which delivers high levels of quality and predictability with exclusive print performance. This will include Harper’s exclusive Patent Pending Cladless Anilox Sleeve Technology which features no aluminum cladding, lighter weight and corrosion resistance. 

Another featured product will be Harper’s QD ink proofing and flatbed printing system. The company has developed printing features and accessories that minimize the amount of expensive materials necessary to test printed electronic concepts and ideas. Harper has also expanded the engraving geometries and volumes for the proofers to accommodate the different deposit properties of functional inks needed for functional and printed electronics.

Also on display will be the new QD Laboratory Master Flatbed Printer, which features a module construction with programmable travel speed and digital display allowing travel speeds to be set in inches or centimeters and maximum speeds of 1000in/minute or 2500cm/minute.

Furthermore, Harper’s HEX division will display a line of plate and bridge (adapters) sleeves, which are specially designed to decrease downtime and minimize make ready.

Harper Corp. of America 

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