Inland has won a Gold Award in the Best Part Design category as part of the 2016 In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA) for its Scented Baby Wipes package, which features an in-mold white film label.

As one of the smallest commercially available cut and stack in-mold label application products on the market today, it is part of a molded pop-up dispenser that is attached to the flexible packaging container, adding both convenience and functionality for the consumer.

“This label really showcases some of the unique features that are possible when using in-mold labeling technology,” says Jackie Kuehlmann, director of marketing for Inland. “To receive an award such as this from IMDA only continues to showcase the importance of pushing the envelope in this segment of labeling.”

Inland will accept its IMDA award on June 6 at its annual IMDA Symposium and SPE TopCon event.


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