Kuraray Co., Ltd. has announced plans to increase the production capacity of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVAL) within its subsidiary, Kuraray America Inc.

The Kuraray EVAL plant located in Pasadena, Texas, will increase its capacity by 11,000 tons per year with planned operations to commence in the summer of 2018.

Currently, Kuraray’s EVAL product line provides a wide range of EVOH resins and films. 

“In addition to expanding EVAL production within the United States, this announcement also represents a $75 million investment towards the Bayport community,” says Robert Armstrong, plant manager at Kuraray America Inc. “With the recent opening of the Kuraray Poval plant and the consideration of enhancing current VAM production, Kuraray continues to further their commitment to southeast Texas.” 

 Kuraray is currently developing new applications of EVAL, including industrial applications such as soil pollution prevention liners and agricultural applications including impermeable fumigation films. 

Kuraray America Inc.