Goss International has disclosed further details of its strategic approach to partnerships, underpinned by a new collaboration with offset printing experts and equipment manufacturer, Presstek LLC. The company has also announced the launch of its game-changing Embedded Color Bar Control technology.

Both revelations came at the Drupa trade fair.

Regarding the Embedded Color Bar Control, this new innovation enables packaging converters to embed the color bar, used for controlling color, registration and ink on the printed substrate, into the image on a label or packaging design.

“Traditionally, color bars require a clear space on the substrate,” explains Peter Walczak, director product management, Goss. “This clear section then either requires an additional step in the production process to remove it or it is left on the finished product and can impact the design. This has been a barrier to many converters who would otherwise choose web offset due to all the quality and productivity benefits it offers. However, with our new Embedded Color Bar Control, this problem has been eliminated.”

To make the Embedded Color Bar possible, Goss has developed the smallest color bar available for both color and register control. Between each section of color bar, an image is printed, filling in the space between each bar and therefore minimizing its impact on the finished product design.

“This technology is a true innovation and will create new opportunities for our existing customers to streamline production and offer even higher value products. It will also open the door to many prospects already convinced by the advantages of web offset for packaging production,” says Walczak.

Goss’ latest collaboration with Presstek LLC involves a partnership to deliver a powerful combination of computer-to-plate (CTP) imaging systems, eco-friendly plates, presses, service and support, specifically targeted for the commercial and newspaper printing markets.

"Both Presstek and Goss International strive for continuous advancement in our products and in the way we deliver them to our customers," says Sparsh Bhargava, CEO, Presstek. "Goss is a significant leader in the commercial and newspaper business sectors and we are pleased that our new CTP systems and eco-friendly plate offerings fit so well with Goss presses in these markets. These innovative and compatible prepress and press systems supported by world-class service organizations will allow customers to compete at a higher level with faster productivity and increased profitability."

This latest partnership is yet another demonstration that, under new ownership, Goss is undergoing a major transformation to be become even more customer-focused as well as a financially strong company, committed to long term partnerships.

“The industry is changing and innovative thinking is needed from both customers and suppliers,” explains Mohit Uberoi, CEO, Goss. “To meet the evolving needs of our customers and remain at the forefront of this industry, we need to think outside of the traditional box and ensure our product portfolio and service offering continues to provide dynamic, pioneering solutions. However, we’re not looking to reinvent the wheel. We want to utilize the strengths and expertise of those companies that we can see a partnership approach would be mutually beneficial, and most importantly, provide our customers with the best solution. This strategy has driven our long-standing collaboration with Contiweb and its partner companies, that together provide market-leading auxiliary systems, as well as the recent agreements between DG press ServiceS, Dovak Industrial Services and now, Presstek.”


Goss International