Aptar Food + Beverage received a DuPont Diamond Finalist Award for packaging innovation for the new Daisy Brand Squeeze-Flexible Sour Cream Pouch featuring Aptar’s flip-top closure.

The Diamond Finalist Award affirms Aptar’s ability to enhance groundbreaking packaging innovations with its flip-top closures featuring a SimpliSqueeze valve for inverted packaging. This technology allows for superb functionality for product dispensability with standup pouches in flexible packaging.

“Aptar is the industry leader when it comes to dispensing requirements in the food and beverage industry, and the preferred dispensing solutions provider for inverted, rigid and flexible packaging formats,” says Alan Sica, president, Aptar Global Market Development – Food. “Receiving this award from DuPont further confirms our position in providing innovative, functional solutions to the growing flexible packaging market.”

Aptar was one of six finalists for the premier DuPont Packaging Diamond award.

Daisy Brand’s inverted, wedge-shaped pouch with flip-top dispensing closure, featuring Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze Elastomeric Flow Control valve technology, provides added consumer benefits while maintaining product quality within. Film laminate provider (Sonoco) and design and development partner (Continuum) contributed to this packaging innovation.

Daisy Brand’s consumer research revealed a desire for a change in package design to enhance product functionality and differentiate at shelf. They looked to Aptar and partners for a solution.

A custom-made ring-pull fitment and SimpliSqueeze Elastomeric Flow Control valve was created to ensure product freshness and meet Daisy’s product dispensing requirements. This same valve technology and fitment customization can also be applied to other consumer packaged goods such as ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, spreads and toppings.

The integrated flexible valve closure system allows consumers to dispense a controlled and desired amount of product through Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze valve’s self-sealing membrane, preventing drips and spills. This translates to convenience, cleanliness and control for the consumer.


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