A simple infographic—Consumers Choose Flexible Packaging—from FPA gives flexible packaging companies a quick way to tout flexible packaging’s value to brand owners.

It highlights significant findings from FPA’s Brand Value Study. Key elements are:

  • Flexible Packaging Delivers Brand Impact: 80% of brand owners believe that packaging influences brand value.
  • Consumers Seek the Convenience of Flexible Packaging. “Easy to store,” “ability to reseal” and “easy to open” are top attributes consumers want.
  • Consumers Are Willing to Spend More Money for Flexible Packaging Attributes.  Some consumers would be willing to spend as much as 14% more for a package they can reseal.
  • Flexible Packaging Creates Less Footprint.

Consumers Choose Flexible Packaging infographic
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For More Info

Go to www.flexpack.org for more on the Brand Value Study.