Netherlands-based shelf life extension technology company, PerfoTec, has introduced a ground-breaking packaging solution for flowers. Using Uflex’s Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging (AMAP) packaging technology in its Flexfresh film, the shelf life of flowers is extended by reducing disease-causing humidity inside the package.

The Flexfresh film helps keep the product breathing in hydrated oxygen and helps release excess humidity to keep the flowers dry. Using Perfotec’s Fast Respiration Meter, the oxygen demand of flowers is measured and, using a patented laser technology, makes micro perforations on the film to allow enough oxygen for the flowers to stay alive and prevent excess oxidation. The flowers are “put to sleep” and can go without water for five days as the humidity is fed back into the flower when it continues to breathe. Once the package is received by the customer and opened, the bouquet remains fresh in a vase for at least a guaranteed seven days.

The technology was recently demonstrated to the largest flower organization in the world, Dutch Flower Group (DFG).

“This new solution is available for fresh flowers from grower to market in bulk liner bags, retail packs and also for Internet deliveries covering the entire market requirements,” says Andrew Sharp, international business director, Perfotec B.V.

Uflex has offered this film to PerfoTec exclusively for in Europe, the Americas and Africa, which are the major markets for its customers. The industry launch of this new packaging solution for flowers is expected at the United Fresh Show, which will be held in Chicago this June.

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