Simco-Ion has released the IQ Power HL Sensor and Interface, an innovation that leverages all the benefits of IQ Power Static Neutralizing System but for hazardous locations, specifically within Class 1, Division 1 classified areas.

IQ Power HL Sensors are intrinsically safe active modules that are easy to install without the use of conduit. In conjunction with the IQ Power HL Static Neutralizing bars, Sensors in CLFB mode allow power units to adjust in real-time to ensure the material has the lowest possible residual charge.

Additionally, Sensors can be used as a standalone monitoring system. The sensor incorporates digital technology, which is impervious to noise and offers superior signal transmission to the IQ Power HL Sensor Interface. The HL Sensor Interface acts as a gateway between the IQ Power HL Sensors and IQ Power Control Station. The Interface displays fault and warning status indicators for up to 8 connected sensors. User alarms for both warning and fault are set via the control station.


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