Meech International will return to this year’s Labelexpo Americas on Sept. 13-15 in Rosemont, Illinois. Visitors to booth 551 will be able to view firsthand the company’s range of contact and non-contact web cleaning technologies, such as the CyClean and the TakClean systems, and the company’s Hyperion anti-static bars.
“The need to minimize wastage and achieve higher levels of productivity is a key priority for label printers and converters, who often struggle to determine the best solution for removing contamination from their web process,” says Matt Fyffe, vice president and general manager at Meech USA. “For this reason, we look forward to exhibiting our web cleaning technologies to the label industry at Labelexpo Americas. Contact and non-contact cleaning methods come with their own set of advantages, and it’s our job to help the customer evaluate which is the better option for their business.”
Narrow web presses used by label converters traditionally adopt tacky roller contact systems like Meech’s TakClean to efficiently remove contamination. These systems use elastomer rollers to remove dry, unbonded contamination from a moving web, which is then transferred onto adhesive rolls where it’s trapped.
For substrates carrying higher contamination levels, non-contact systems like Meech's CyClean are used. The advantage of non-contact web cleaning is that the contamination level doesn’t affect the system performance and no consumables are required, which reduces ongoing costs.
“Web cleaning systems need to achieve two main actions: The boundary layer of air on the web must be broken – allowing contamination trapped under and within it to be removed – and the static charge on the web must be eliminated, so that contamination can be isolated,” Fyffe says. “Meech’s systems deliver on both fronts, and we’ll happily demonstrate to booth visitors that they can expect the highest quality finish from all our products.”
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