Karlville has announced Musashino Kikai as strategic worldwide partner for inspection machinery, slitting machines and pouch making machines, among others

Musashino Kikai was Japan’s first manufacturer of extrusion lamination machinery and offers standard lines as well as custom tailored lines according to customer requests. All of its extrusion technology is developed in-house with a focus on evenness of mixing and kneading as well as unique high-dimensional trim less technology. Some other examples of its core technical strength are polarized membrane manufacturing lines, breathable film lines and manufacturing lines for high-strength fiber made from genetically modified natural materials.

Musashino Kikai leads and forms the core of the Unicom Group, which is a group of 11 machinery companies focused on converting, plastic processing and packaging machinery. Other Unicom Group companies in the converting field include printing machines (Sobu Kikai), inspection machinery (DAC Engineering), slitting machines (Nishimura MFG) and pouch making machines (New Iwasho).

Karlville brings a new fresh global marketing and sales approach to Musashino Kikai. The partnership will strengthen each company’s core competences. Karlville has also integrated New Iwasho pouch machines and DAC Engineering Cameras on Webcontrol inspection machines into its machinery line.