Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Harlingen earned a first-place award at the 2016 FTA Europe Diamond Awards for its flexo printing technology, which is used to create the packaging for the Bofrost “Suppengemüse” brand.

The award also confirms that this new generation of flexo print is the best quality packaging and print solution following the 2015 award for technical innovation at the EFTA-Benelux Flexographic Awards.

“We’re so proud and delighted to win another award, and now on the European level,” says Jack van der Heiden, Clondalkin’s sales and marketing director. “The award is recognition of the excellent results we’ve achieved for our client in close cooperation with Team [Warburger Kliché Anstalt]. According to the jury, the premium print quality was the key aspect of the decision to award Clondalkin Harlingen winner in the ‘Flexo Medium Web’ category.”

The packaging produced for the Bofrost “Suppengemüse” brand, he adds, was printed using only CMKY with an overall lacquer to allow a high intensity of color and quality finish.

FTA Europe represents the common interests of the European flexo industry, providing a common platform for the European flexo associations to promote exchange, collaboration and alignment. The annual awards honor the best innovations in the market and raise the profile of the flexographic industry as a whole.

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